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Arts Students

  • Ross: In the theatre, why don't they offer little samples of food when the food appears on screen?
  • Me: Isn't that like 4D?
  • Ross: Yeah!
  • Joanna: What's 4D?
  • Ross: It's when they give you little scratch cards at the beginning of the movie, like in Spy Kids!
  • Me: Then, there's a message that pops up that tells you to scratch the section and you smell it, and it's like you're smelling the same scent as the characters!
  • Joanna (being all Arts student): I don't like that. It's like, why are you telling me how I should imagine what is presented on screen? I don't like how Hollywood tries to construct your imagination AND your reality for you-
  • Me: OH. My. GOD. Will you seriously shut the FUCK UP?!

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